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Interactive Kiosk Experience

Conference, tradeshow and event interactive experience

Touch screen with Interactive Kiosk Experience


Design and develop an interactive experience to generate interest and attention, educate and capture leads. Increase engagement and time spent in a live branded experience.


Through an in-depth discovery process, a thorough understanding of audience needs was established. Pros and cons of current display units were considered in order to conceptualize an optimized solution.

  • Create an easy to use touch screen experience to appeal the medical audience segment
  • Leverage distinct branded elements to reinforce brand value and generate interest in program offers
  • Provide an easy-to-access educational platform to establish category leadership and audience affinity for this major pharmaceutical brand’s access support program


  • Created a site manuscript leveraging pre-approved content enabling legal approval.
  • Developed an interactive web-based experience to be housed in an existing, partner-approved framework.
  • Leveraged corporate style elements to provide a custom visual solution for the particular audience.


  • Superior audience engagement
  • Increased program awareness and affinity
  • Scalability
  • Ease-of-use and ability to update
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Portability
Interactive Kiosk web app on a large format TV
Drag & drop functionality being shown
Using drag & drop to navigate to information
Page transition functionality being shown
Inner informational page
ripple rework copy 2


Supercharge your trade show + conference presence.

XpoCONNECT is a powerful and integrated service offering that combines the strengths of The Grovery’s Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy expertise, along with strategic message development and graphic design to supercharge your trade show and conference presence.

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