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About Us

Curiously Better Solutions
that Move Your Business Forward

We’re not just a group of creatives; we’re a collective of curious minds united by our passions for solving your business goals and elevating your brand presence above the competition.

The Grovery Office Interior

We are The Grovery: a creative solutions firm creating remarkable results for our brand partners by thinking differently and delivering curiously better creative solutions that move your business forward. From New York to Miami, Philadelphia to San Diego, we share the values of creativity, boldness, and collaboration with partners in the US and EU. We thrive on the excitement of tackling challenges head-on and uncovering innovative strategies that make a lasting impact on your customers and for your business.

Our expertise lies in strategically-based, ROI-driven digital advertising and insightful, category-defining brand strategy. We know the digital landscape inside out and understand that successful marketing goes beyond superficial tactics. That’s why we dive deep into data, consumer behavior, and market trends to develop strategies that deliver tangible value and set our partners apart from the competition.

We believe in building genuine connections with our partners, collaborating closely to truly understand their visions and aspirations. We’re not here to dictate; we’re here to listen, learn, and create something extraordinary — together.

Our Culture

Working with The Grovery is defined by boldness, curiosity, accountability, authenticity, and respect. We cultivate a collaborative environment where creative minds come together to solve challenges, explore innovative strategies, and build genuine connections with partners. It’s a free space that fosters innovation, accountability, and mutual respect.

Our Shared Values



We all thrive in an environment driven by a spirit of co-creation. We work closely together, listen to each other’s insights, and combine our expertise to achieve shared goals.


We share a commitment to innovative, imaginative thinking and creative problem solving. We embrace new ideas and approaches to drive growth and success together.


We embrace the highest of standards and hold ourselves accountable for results. We clearly define responsibilities, set expectations, and take ownership of the collective success of our projects.


We are flexible and responsive to changing circumstances. We embrace optimizations to our strategies and tactics to navigate the evolving business landscape effectively.


We build trust through transparency and open communication. We share information, insights, and challenges openly to make informed decisions together.


We share a mutual commitment to deeply understanding each other’s perspectives, challenges, and aspirations. We actively listen, put ourselves in the other’s shoes, and value diverse viewpoints. We acknowledge that mutual understanding is the foundation of meaningful, effective, and impactful partnerships, where everyone works together to achieve common goals.

Our Team

Larry Granozio
CEO + President

I love people, so I make any excuse I can to meet up in person. Covid years were not my friend.
Gina Cuniere
VP Brand Partnerships 

I’m convinced that with the right frame of mind (and some yoga magic), anything is possible!
Victoria Nightingale
Director, Strategy

From the simple to the complex and in between, I enjoy learning about diverse subjects and exploring the idea that everything is connected.
Alec Reimel
Front End Developer

My main hobby is listening to and playing music - I play guitar, bass, piano / keyboard / synthesizer, and any other instrument that is put in front of me.
Chris Ledford
VP Creative Solutions + Strategy

I was that curious kid who always asked, “Why?” I’m still that same curious kid.
James Herrick
Product Manager

In my free time, I love making new music, trying local food spots in San Diego, and trying to figure out how to brake on my snowboard.
Mariana Gallardo
Senior Account Manager

I rescue dogs in Puerto Rico and help them to travel to the US so they have a better chance of finding their forever homes.
Scott Johnson
Creative Lead, UI/UX Development

I love to cook and my favorite dish to make is Bolognese. I learned how to skateboard when I was 30 years old.
Liz Yezza
Partnership Director

I'm an avid tennis player and play in leagues year-round
Cayla Osborn
Account Director

I drink iced coffee all year round. Even in negative degrees.
Ken Miranda
Art Director

I used to draw caricatures on the Ocean City Boardwalk.
Ryan Lennox
Account Manager

I was in the marching band in both high school and college, playing the saxophone and baritone, respectively.
Renee Rizza
Graphic Designer

I was an art history minor in college, and when I got my cat as a graduation gift, I named her after the famous Italian sculptor Bernini.

Curious Minds at Work

Join The Grovery team and embark on a journey of creativity and collaboration. We’re always on the lookout for curious minds eager to make a difference. If you’re ready to push boundaries, innovate, and craft unexpected solutions, reach out to us. 

At The Grovery, we’re not just committed to delivering exceptional results for our partners; we’re also dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous growth and excellence within our team. We encourage and support our team members in pursuing advanced certifications, participating in industry competitions, and striving for excellence. We believe that by investing in our team’s development, we can offer our brand partners the highest level of expertise and innovation, ensuring their success and ours.