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Brand development, new product launch

Audare TV Ad


Develop an ownable brand identity, including imagery and messaging, for a new Direct to Consumer supplement.


Inspire with the challenge of “showing the world your authentic self.” The core of the brand is about embracing one’s natural beauty, knowing that “true beauty begins within.”

Brand + Message Strategy / Graphic Design / Brand Architecture


  • Creative direction for brand look, including all casting, wardrobe and visual concept to build a compelling brand story that garners engagement and drives sales
  • Production oversight of all still and video images
  • Using the brand core value points as anchors, create a messaging matrix that guides consumer, through the decision making process
  • Design and implement a mobile-first e-commerce experience to facilitate awareness and sales
Audare phone ads
Select pages from the Audare mobile site
Woman with jar of Audare product
2 women holding Audare jars
3 women in an Audare ad
Jar of Audare product
Audare product posed with natural ingredients
Audare product with honey and lemon

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