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Arm & Hammer
Scent Boosters

Concept and Copy, Video production and Creative asset development



Take advantage of heightened category awareness generated by competitive spends to differentiate the Scent Boosters product by creating category-defining commercials to garner a more broad audience and highlight product benefits. Develop an engaging and memorable product spot to drive awareness and purchase.


  • Understanding of key audience preferences to drive concept and message
  • Utilize dynamic robotic camera movements combined with branded graphic animations to achieve a unique point of view
  • Leverage high production values to create an elevated brand presence as compared to the competitive set.
  • Production was structured to maximize use; Planning enabled edits to incorporate the introduction of a portfolio expansion.

Concept + Message Development / Production Management / Creative Asset Design


  • Concept and copy development
  • Custom animations and graphics
  • Pre- and post-production planning
  • :15 and :06 spot production for use online and for general broadcast


  • Expanded product awareness
  • Consumer understanding of product benefits
  • Product extension launch
Arm & Hammer Scent Booster ad storyboard
Unleashing freshness in every frame. Our final Arm & Hammer Scent Booster storyboard is a captivating journey of fragrance, promising a sensory experience for your laundry moments.
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Woman using Scent Booster
Scent Booster banner web ads

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