Utilizing Marketing Automation for Onboarding and Adoption

The need

Together, we worked with our client to identify the following needs:

  • Configure the selected SaaS solution partner to meet the client’s long term goals
  • Map user requirements to the SaaS system’s capabilities
  • Create, develop and document a system and process for managing the end user

The ask

  • Build a scalable process to bulk onboard 100,000+ end users 
  • Create and implement a process to automate changes across the platform to create distinct branded experiences for each of their customers
  • Implement event and logic based triggers to automate a seamless progressive end user

What we delivered:

We supported our client with the onboarding process, educated the client on the language and functionality of the platform, and supported our client with the platform integration to their systems. When the integration was complete, we delivered:

  • Strategies for building process workflows and engagement journeys to support our client’s customer onboarding and engagement experience
  • Construct marketing campaign configuration to properly evaluate user engagement
    across various white-labeled customers


“The Grovery ensured we were realizing the full potential of the automation platform while also supporting us to map out complex user journeys. This was a complicated initiative made much easier through our partnership with The Grovery.”
Stefanie Rathjen-Kelly, Director, Engagement Marketing Strategy